One of my few remaining videos of King prior to his getting sick;

RIP and till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge

Effective June 2013 K2C is now a 501c3 Charity

Because everyone needs a second chance

In everyone’s life you make decisions; some of these decisions are life changing. My name is Jocko and I am a 100% Disabled American Veteran who served faithfully until I was medically discharged from the military. I have a service animal and enjoy the benefits this service animal brings me. After many years of working with the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs Regional Hospital here in Biloxi Mississippi I am at a position to assist other veterans who need the assistance that only a Service Dog can provide. Who is King? King was a locally purchased puppy who came from a puppy mill yet he could not have entered my life at a better time. My physical health was failing; my emotions were uncontrolled.  I needed a friend; and what a friend he was. King was not a service animal yet he did many of those duties until his health started to fail and he needed me. King passed away too soon yet his impact on my life was so great I started this organization in his namesake. Since originally designing this webpage many things have happened. I currently have ten service animals in the field working with some very special Wounded Warriors.  I am also involved with my local VA Regional Hospital and have done presentations at the facility. I do work directly with the doctors in establishing a need for a service animal. To be considered for a dog to start the process send a quick email to and just give us a quick email why you need a SD and your phone number and someone will call you back and start the process.  .
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